Supplying Markets Worldwide

We grow and supply into markets worldwide including Europe,Asia,America and Asia. All Forage and Turf seed is produced under the Ministry of Primary Industries certification scheme and we are also accredited to the OECD seed certification scheme. All vegetable seed crops are entered into a sophisticated GPS based isolation system that ensures all crops have sufficient isolation from other fields of the same family.

Modern and Secure facilities

We have research and trial facilities available and have access to some of the most modern and secure seed cleaning plants in New Zealand. Our knowledge of the garden pea industry is second to none.

Saving You time through Expertise

Our customers can send their stockseed to us for multiplication and re export back to them. Our winter crops are sown in February/March and spring crops in September/October. Our harvest time is February/March/April.

We have the right tools for the job

Based in the relatively disease free environment of the South Island of New Zealand, we are growers and merchants of vegetable seeds, forage and pasture seeds, garden peas and cereals for the international market. We also provide reliable, proven and secure seed multiplication services.