Our Location in Canterbury, New Zealand

Townsend Seeds International Ltd is situated in Lincoln, some 15 kilometres from Christchurch city. The Canterbury Plains, on approximately 44 degrees South Latitude, consists of flat, fertile, alluvial soils and is the primary seed-producing area of New Zealand.

Although we are isolated by distance from most of the world’s major markets, we are blessed with a relatively disease-free environment which enables us to produce some of the best quality seeds in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for its clean green environment, relatively free from pests and diseases. Large areas of arable and forestry lands have contributed in making this country suitable for a wide range of agriculture.

The South Island

Almost all the seed production undertaken in New Zealand is in the South Island. Most of this production is in Canterbury, with the species preferring a cooler climate produced in Southland and those preferring a hotter climate in Marlborough, in Northern South Island.

Canterbury Plains

Consisting of 6,500 square kilometres of flat, fertile soils, the plains are dissected by three major rivers running from the Southern Alps to the sea. There is a range of soil types throughout the plains and this, combined with a temperate climate, makes the area suitable for a wide range of speciality seed crops.


The gateway to the Canterbury plains is Christchurch, which is famous for being one of the premier garden cities of the world. The enthusiasm for gardening reflects the favourable climate and environment and also our historical dependence on agriculture and working the soil.